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Corporate E-Waste Recycling Must for a Sustainable Future

Is e-waste recycling important for the planet? Does it play a part in guaranteeing a secure future for the coming generations?

Well, the increasing electronic waste has been a grave concern because of its harmful impacts towards the environment and it needs to be restricted.

Climate change is a reality and we have seen it leaving a lasting impact on Earth. The planet is facing many sudden changes in the climate that are impacting human lives and the environment. There are tons of reasons contributing towards such change including industrialisation and increased carbon emissions.

What is e-waste recycling?

E-waste is your electronic waste including old laptops, computers, printers, photocopiers, wires, CDs, hard drives, and other such equipment. E-waste recycling involved reuse and repurposing of redundant electronics. It is the procedure of collecting electronic waste and shredding it into smaller pieces to be used in different industries instead of being dumped in landfills.

The goal here is to protect the environment from the toxins present in electronics. They tend to leave harmful effects on human health, pollute the breathing air and toxify the water bodies that can harm marine life.

All you need to know about corporate e-waste recycling services

Since the e-waste problem is growing at an alarming rate, there is a need for e-waste solutions to save the environment. Here are some things you need to know when you plan on getting e-waste recycling services.

What electronics are recyclable?

Generally, there is a huge range of electronics that can be recycled. It depends on the recycling company how efficient they are in performing safe IT disposal of partially recycled electronics.

FYL Recycled IT provides corporate IT recycling services for the following electronics:

Mobile phones
Hard disks
Circuit boards etc.

Does the corporate sector need e-waste recycling?

The corporate sector produces a lot of e-waste that is essentially dumped into landfills. If the right steps are taken and professional corporate e-waste solutions are leveraged, greater sustainability can be achieved.

This e-waste solution is essential so that companies can get rid of their old equipment without risking their sensitive data. There are many instances where third parties get their hands on the company data and use it for malicious activities that can lead to legal issues.

How to protect your data while getting e-waste recycling services?

E-waste solution is essential for the environment but the risk of getting your data stolen makes it harder to trust corporate electronics disposal services. The right thing to do here is to get data destruction services and destroy all the data stored on the devices.

FYL Recycled IT provides reliable data destruction services that not just make the data on your devices irrecoverable, but also provide you with proof of destruction certificate. Different erasure methods are used based on the sensitivity of data along with corporate e-waste solutions.

The procedure of e-waste recycling

In order to get your electronics recycled at FYL Recycled IT, here are the steps that are followed.

Book your equipment: If you have more than 20 items, FYL will offer free pick up of electronics from your location at a time of your choice. Less than 20 items can also be collected for a small fee.
Pre-processing at the Facility: All the equipment is brought to the facility and a record is maintained with all the required details.
Data Destruction: The storage devices that are subjected to data destruction services are destroyed using different methods such as data degaussing, shredding, physical destruction and more.
Sorting and Shredding: Here the electronics are prepared for IT recycling and disposal by sorting all the materials that are shredded to be sent to respective industries for reuse.
Revamping of electronics: Equipment that can be fixed is revamped to be reused instead of increasing the carbon emission.
Safe IT Disposal: The part of the equipment that is not recycled or revamped is sent for safe IT disposal to protect the environment.

Why do corporate organisations have to consider WEEE?

Before getting IT recycling and disposal services, it is imperative to check if the recycler has WEEE compliance. According to the UK law, any IT recycling company must comply with the set of rules called the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling directive to keep the environment safe.

Are there any British companies recycling WEEE waste?

The answer is yes,  FYL Recycled IT Ltd

Benefits of e-waste recycling by corporate sector

E-waste recycling must be encouraged at all levels for the number of benefits it brings with it.