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Why Buy Refurbished?

Refurbished laptops aren’t just good for the environment they’re great for your bank balance too. You get the same high-quality Dell laptop with a big price saving – up to 40% off RRP.


What are Refurbished Laptops?

Firstly, don’t confuse ‘refurbished’ with ‘used’ or ‘reconditioned’ – our laptops look and feel like new – and in many cases they are new.

The laptops we buy from Dell are products that have been returned to the manufacturer for a number of reasons, including:

  • Cancelled orders – customer changed their mind
  • Minor cosmetic issues – e.g. a scratch on casing
  • Fault – which is then repaired by us.


When we sell a laptop, our goal is for it to be as good as new – including how it looks and performs. Our experienced team check each laptop thoroughly, then, if necessary, it will be repaired before going to our testing department. A number of rigorous tests are run to ensure that the laptop can be sold like new.

If there is a scratch or cosmetic damage, this will be highlighted in the sales information on our website. The Dell laptops and desktops are then sold as ‘refurbished’ and all come with a 1 year guarantee from FYL Direct. So if you have a problem you can simply call our team and we’ll help you out.


If you want to do your bit for the planet and reduce your carbon footprint, then purchasing refurbished computing or electrical products is a great place to start.

Sadly, the UK is the second biggest generator of e-waste in the world. In 2019 we produced 1.45million tonnes of electrical waste. With approximately 500,000 tonnes that was thrown away rather than recycled. This huge waste of resources such as steel, copper, silver, gold and aluminium have a cost to the environment and our pockets. Buying refurbished means that you are helping to reduce e-waste and help the environment.

Have an Old Laptop?

Do you have an old laptop that you don’t need anymore or is broken? Before you take it to be recycled check with us whether you can earn some cash from it. Just complete our quote form and we’ll let you know if we can buy it and offer you a price.